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We are very excited to finally share with you some details about new game that our team has been working on - Kingdom Wars 2: Battles. This time we are taking the classical approach to Strategy genre - fast-paced build and destroy gameplay, with full feature release including episodic campaign, and competitive multiplayer. This on top of the feature expected from sequels like reworked combat and gameplay, greatly improved unit and building art e.t.c But of-course we had to innovate as well... KW2B will feature new amazing features such as - online persistent progressions, full on crafting wit... Read more

Dear Players, as you might have guessed by the lack of patches over the past two months - we are working on something big. Really epic and awesome big… We are planning to reveal everything in two weeks, but for now we can hint that - it is a new project, related to Kingdom Wars universe. However, we by not abandoning Kingdom Wars, far from it! In March we will be releasing our biggest Kingdom Wars update yet - completely redefining the gameplay experience, and fixing most of the KW`s problems - from performance to combat. Meanwhile - a token patch today - that solves some of the bigge... Read more

Dear Kingdom Wars community! Since our playerbase and community is getting bigger every day, we feel that our small and hard-working team could use some help. So, if you are interested in joining Kingdom Wars team, you will find all informations about how to join our team here. Our expanding team is highly organized, with core team of few experienced moderators who'll help you get started and turn this part-time work into an enjoyable and memorable experience. We believe that being a moderator is not a tedious, routine job, but a fun, and important role to play in the game`s community... Read more