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Dear Kingdom Wars community! Since our playerbase and community is getting bigger every day, we feel that our small and hard-working team could use some help. So, if you are interested in joining Kingdom Wars team, you will find all informations about how to join our team here. Our expanding team is highly organized, with core team of few experienced moderators who'll help you get started and turn this part-time work into an enjoyable and memorable experience. We believe that being a moderator is not a tedious, routine job, but a fun, and important role to play in the game`s community... Read more

We are happy to present the long awaited patch 1.13. This massive patch takes game`s performance to the next level, boosting visual FPS on all types of hardware. We`ve also given Invite a Friend system a big reward boost - now giving out random Dragons and large Crown rewards, as well as Premium. So please help our community grow and send out a few invites. We`ve also made early game even more accessible and rebalanced a good deal about the game. Please let us know what you think, and stay tuned for a big combat update patch in a couple of week [B]::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::[/B] -... Read more

  by Konstantin Fomenko on November 12, 2014 - Replies 5 - Add Comment

We have a pretty awesome patch for you today! And we promise we won`t wipe anyone`s towns this time around. This time around we looked into making game run smoother, much smoother and to rework out combat model. We still have a bit of work left - and by the time we are done next week you won`t recognize the combat. Such thing as battalions fighting as one, and unit turn times and animation blending are still left to do, meanwhile we have added unit to unit collision and rebalanced a few things about combat. We thank you for continuous support, and hope you`ll continue to enjoy the game. [... Read more