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After six long months, Kingdom Wars 2: Battles is finally nearing the Beta milestone. And while beta patch release might only happen in early December, we are still hopeful for the last week of November The beta 1.2 patch will include wide array of new features as well as some massive performance improvements. We are hoping to see everything from hotkeys to new campaign chapters and zombie survival mode in the first beta build. Later in December we expect two more beta patches to complete and enable the last of the feature set. As always - thanks for your support, and see you on the batt... Read more

We have decide to relocate our forums to Steam, and close this message board, keeping it only as archive of the several amazing years we had on these boards. With over 35,000 registered users and closing on 90,000 posts. Please join discussion in Kingdom Wars Steam forums.

Dear players, Alpha testing for Kingdom Wars 2: Battles has started! You can signup right now at [url][/url], using the Alpha Signup link. Please keep in mind keys are going fast, and you might be out of luck by the time you are reading this. If so don`t worry - we`ll have Early Access starting later this month. To thank active Alpha participants, we will be issuing a free Retail key to everyone who plays for over 20 hours during the next two weeks, and makes at least 1 meaningful forum post. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs or performance issues, and we al... Read more