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With just hours left before the massive launch of Kingdom Wars free to play this Wednesday, we have one last patch in-store for you. With the last round of polish and fixes, it`s fair to say - Kingdom Wars is finally in a great shape, and ready for thousands of new players. As part of today`s upgrade we greatly improved the network performance, as well as added multiple game servers support. New players should also benefit from world region exploration mode objectives - mini tutorials really. And finally we got around to fully rebalanced Elven economy - sorry our dead Elf players - no more un... Read more

Dear Players, It`s official - Kingdom Wars is going free to play this Wednesday, October 22nd. And with just 3 days left, we have one more awesome patch as promised. Today we are correcting one of our biggest mistakes from day 1 - and finally introducing Female Heroes. In addition this huge patch gets down and dirty with the combat balancing as well as fixes and polishes dozens of features. Unfortunately we also had to introduce a hard cap limit on crowns stored by players. This move was absolutely necessary, and we hope that everyone had sufficient warning. Additional information is avail... Read more

Dear Players, In just a few days we will be releasing Kingdom Wars to the public as free to play on Steam. Meanwhile we have two awesome patches ahead of us before we hit our F2P content milestone. Introducing today`s patch 33 - all about making the game feel and play better. As a main feature we have greatly improved our unit AI, as well as worked on tasking large formations, and improving pathfinding for newly created units. Alliances are finally back - with current players getting their alliances back. Although please keep in mind - we could only bring back these alliance members who ha... Read more