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Dear Players, we are happy to say that with today`s patch - Empire Expansion is finally ready for your enjoyment. At this point we can proudly say that, with all the new features added to the game in the past year, Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is finally the game we meant it to be. And truly - we could not have done this without all the support you have given us. All your feedback, suggestions and bug reports which we have taken to heart. We will always continue to listen to your feedback... Read more

Dear Players, We have another Empire patch today for you today, adding some fun new features, as well as fixing a few remaining issues, including a pretty bad bug with CoOp and PvP victory condition. As we are preparing to official launch our expansion tomorrow afternoon - expect another patch 25 E tomorrow morning. We`ll finally introduce new Orcish user interface, and a few more awesome Empire features. On another topic - we are expecting a huge spike in player population next wee... Read more

And we are back with another patch, taking the Empire expansion from bad, to good, to perfect - in the past 48 hours. Today we looked at fixing last remaining major Empire bugs, with just a few minor issues left for Monday`s patch. In addition we added some new Empire features and balance a few things. For once holding Vassal towns will now generate daily income in Crowns - all you have to do is login daily to claim it. Also defending your Vassal town in PvP brings enormous reward i... Read more