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  by Konstantin Fomenko on June 03, 2014 - Replies 37 - Add Comment

Dear Players, Many of you have been wondering what has been happening with the game lately as we have been very quiet - and at last we are ready to lift the curtains and reveal our plans regarding DoF: Kingdom Wars for this summer. And these plans are big - as they will change the game, our community, and keep DoF: Kingdom Wars alive for many months, if not years. Unfortunately I have to keep the biggest news a secret for couple more weeks, but most of you will probably figure it out on your own:) Hint - later this summer we are dropping the g*** ****e... a lot, like from the cliff, it might... Read more

Dear Players, We have one last patch in the Empire Patch 25 series for you today. Once again fixing and improving various areas of the game. And we are proud to say we have finally solved out of sync issues in multiplayer, as well as greatly improved unit behavior on walls. In addition this patch includes over a dozen of other great fixes and improvements. Following this patch we are taking a small break from patching, and might only continue during the second week of May. We are gl... Read more

Dear Players, we are happy to say that with today`s patch - Empire Expansion is finally ready for your enjoyment. At this point we can proudly say that, with all the new features added to the game in the past year, Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is finally the game we meant it to be. And truly - we could not have done this without all the support you have given us. All your feedback, suggestions and bug reports which we have taken to heart. We will always continue to listen to your feedback... Read more